portfolio & testimonials


"Scott has been looking after my wardrobe needs for several years now and I wouldn’t want anybody else to have the job. 

I juggle various projects for work and so the fact Scott’s able to pop round to my house for measuring makes life so much easier. He manner is very easy-going and I feel 110 per cent comfortable with him. 

I know that Scott spends a lot of time studying styles for different body shapes and this homework pays off in dividends - all the outfits he’s made for me have flattered my figure and not one has been worn without a compliment from a stranger. 

Where many designers struggle to put a client’s desires and body hang-ups before their own ego, Scott puts the customer first. I have never, ever been disappointed, only thrilled each time he’s presented one of his creations. 

Scott is a sculptor of the female form, only his medium is cloth, not clay. "

- Rachael





"Scott makes the most amazing clothes. I've had four dresses and two skirts made so far. Because they are made to measure they fit perfectly. Buying a dress from a shop can be so difficult because they often fit one part of your body and hang off another. For me, if I buy a dress that fits my bust it hangs off my waist, if I buy it to fit my waist I have to squash my boobs into it – not a good look!

Scott's dresses fit perfectly everywhere and you have the added bonus that you know you've got the only one.

He is great at spotting quirky materials too. I have two simply amazing skirts that everyone comments on.

Scott is logged in my phone as Scott the amazing dress maker, because he is."

- Charlotte